Photo Gallery

This part is machined complete on one of our horizontal CNC machining centers using a pallet changer system.

Miniature precision parts are machined complete on our Swiss turning centers.

All these assorted sizes of precision parts are produced on our Swiss turning centers.

Multiple complex turning & milling requirements produced complete in one operation on our CNC live tool turning centers.

From relatively simple to complex designed parts are all produced here on our various CNC machine tools.

Machining of alloy steel materials such as 8620 & 4140 to produce industrial crankshafts.

A good example of the diverse machined products we produce here at RPM.

Turning, Milling & Broaching of this industrial drive sprocket produced on our CNC equipment.

A single cylinder gas engine camshaft produced complete in one operation on our live tool turning centers.

Multi-Dimensional parts like these require a combination of CNC milling & turning.

Starting with steel bar stock blanks, this part requires turning, boring & drilling on both sides. It is produced complete on live tool turning, in one set-up here at RPM.

This rather complex part is produced from 6061-T6 aluminum. RPM utilizes live tool turning, horizontal milling and hex broaching operations to completion.

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